Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Marketing 101.1

Well if you read my last blog on marketing and applied the tips I really hope they worked for you. The key word here is “consistency”.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”
Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee)

“Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”

I want to add a few bits to help inspire and motivate you along your journey. Marketing is hard work and without “consistency” it will never pay off. We must keep moving…. Never stopping…. Always pressing forward to keep the money train rollin’.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

So the question is: Are you putting in the work? If you are then keep it up and you will see an increase in sales. But what if you are working hard and getting no sales? Well one ignorant person once said to me “If you’re not getting any sales then your product must not be any good.” What an idiotic thing to say! A good sales person can sell rainbow sprinkled dog poop, a bad salesman can’t sell Ferrari for $100. Food for thought…..

Tip #1 Change your approach

Einstein's definition of madness: “continuing to do the same thing, hoping for a different outcome” comes to mind when we speak of changing ones approach. It is hard to change sometimes and with this we have to think more scientifically then emotionally. Pride is our biggest enemy. What I personally like to do is what Anthony Robins refers to as “modeled excellence”. This means that we find someone who has achieved the results we desire and model their behavior and methods. For example: If I gave you the recipe for the world’s greatest chocolate cake you’d follow it step by step right? Therefore a good way to change what we’re doing is to model someone else.

Tip #2 Pricing

Are you charging too much or too little? This is a daunting question that confuses almost everyone and there is much debate about it. If you charge too much most people won’t afford it but if you charge too little people may think it must not be any good right? Finding the “sweet spot” in pricing takes time and research. I personally don’t like to charge too much as I live by the motto of “The more people that can afford what I make, the more people who will buy it which means more people will see it leading to even more sales.” But I could be wrong….. or am I?

It is also good to understand that real life economy plays a part in peoples spending habits. Remember: Most people in Second Life put real money into their accounts to go shopping. If real life money is tight so will there Second Life lindens.

Tip #3 Market Research and Competition

Have you looked at what the others are doing? If not…. WHY NOT? Start looking at what successful people in your field are doing and learn from them. And please don’t think you or your product is better therefore need not learn from them. You are not better until you are DOING better then they are. Get it? How are they marketing? What are their prices? Do they have sales? How often? What does their store look like? What do their ads and posters look like or say? What is their customer service like? Get out there and find this out. It could mean the difference between zero or one thousands sales!

Tip #4 Live your success!

By “living” your success I mean experience it with all your senses. See, hear, smell, feel and taste it. Imagine your future successful self. Envision your store…. What will it look like? See your bank account grow…… what number do you see? Your world is created first by your mind then molded by your actions. Start NOW!

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