Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Samurai Shayna

Ever since I was a little girl I always loved old samurai movies. My favorite of course being the classic Seven Samurai. We Recently I started making swords and as usual I do a lot of research. In my search I have stumbled upon 2 very good sims in SL that I have been visiting often.

Yukigakure - Hidden Snow Village, Shatoo (60, 33, 45) is a sim dedicated to Naruto and is beautifully done. The buildings, ground layout, glowing crystals and falling snow make you feel like you've entered the world of the very popular series. The poeple are fun to be around and there are constant battles going on. They have great shops so bring your pocket book.

Combat Samurai Island - C:SI Bat, Samurai Edo (12, 118, 31) is my new favorite sim... next to my own. This place is so authentically designed it's freaky. There are 2 seperate sims.... 1 which has the main shops and gorgious streams and water falls and the other with dueling arena, temples,waters falls, restuarants and dojo's. Words can not express how awesome this sim looks and feels.

I also started dueling and I must say... the regulars there have no problem "cutting" you down. They are excellant duelists and I look forward to getting good enough to actually win one...LOL

So as I stated before I'm working on my own swords. But in the mean time my two main Katana are made by Hanzo Blades Armory - Samurai Ka, Bytegang (49, 186, 24) and the Ronin Katana sold at Samurai Island. These two swords are a reminder of what I need to live up to in craftmenship. When ever I think mine are good enough I just strap on one of these to be sure. The makers of these swords show true Zen like skill in their attention to detail. The animations and sounds are nothing short of spectacular. I highly recommend them.

So be on the look out for my swords coming soon. Until then..... Sainara!

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